Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a lovely country called Czech Republic. Those friends had a lot in common. The most important things they had in common were interest in investing in dogecoin and they both admired alpacas. One boring afternoon, being trapped in the lockdown, they decided to create, something crazy and original, a thing that nobody has (yet), which might interest and would make them proud that they did a good thing. After hours and hours of thinking they decided to merge their interest and their admiration and one big much wow came to be! Dogecoin on alpaca.

And that is what dogecoin is about. You buy it, you invest in it, you are interested in it, and, simply put, you like it. But if the digital currency is not enough for you and you want to have something to impress your friends and family with, why not have a unique coin made of alpaca then?

„Wait, do you mean an actual alpaca?“

Nope, it is not a typo and we definitely don’t use any alpacas to make the coin. Alpaca is a metal alloy that has beautiful sliver look with a slight golden tint. To satisfy every dogecion fan, we had these shiny alpaca coins made in a czech mint. Wow, much Czech! So if you desire to have a lucky coin, a coin that makes you smile, or simply add a coin to your collection, dogecoin made of alpaca is exactly what you are looking for.

And because DOGE and alpaca are good friends, we decided to donate 1 USD to alpacas. You cannot buy dogecoins with this coin, but you will make your day and alpacas’ as well


Physical coin

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